SDAB Training Workshop


Individual Registration: $250

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Regulation requires members and clerks to complete a training program. Certified members and clerks must complete a refresher training program every three years to maintain their SDAB certification.

RMRF’s training workshop is suitable for:

  • newly appointed SDAB members and clerks, and
  • existing members and clerks who need to recertify.

Our one-day virtual training will cover:

  • Establishment and Composition of SDABs
  • Alberta Planning Framework
  • Subdivision and Development in Alberta
  • Types of Appeals
  • Guiding Principles
  • Appeal Procedures, Roles and Responsibilities

Certification is granted upon the successful completion of an assessment of learning at the end of the course.

Kelsey Becker Brookes & Daina Young are experienced SDAB trainers. In addition to RMRF’s private training sessions, Kelsey & Daina have previously offered this training on behalf of Alberta Municipalities (ABmunis) and the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA). Reynolds Mirth also provided SDAB training on behalf of Alberta Municipal Affairs, and was involved in recent updates to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Training Guidebook published by Alberta Municipal Affairs.