We have argued some of the key cases that inform expropriation law in Alberta. We are leaders in the expropriation community, and excel in providing our clients timely and meaningful advice.

An ultimate exercise of government authority

When a government expropriates, it acquires privately-owned land for its own use and benefit. It is, according to the Supreme Court of Canada, “one of the ultimate exercises of governmental authority”.

When you are faced with an expropriation, whether you are an expropriating authority or a land owner, you are acutely aware of the potential effects of this process.

We understand this because we have decades of experience acting for both land owners and expropriation authorities throughout the province. Our team members:

  • Provide advice related to the Expropriation Act and the reasonableness of a proposed expropriation.
  • Are skilled in negotiation and reaching expropriation agreements.
  • Regularly represent clients at inquiries held under the Expropriation Act assessing whether the expropriation is fair, sound and reasonably necessary.
  • Advance our clients’ cases at compensation hearings before the Land Compensation Board and trials in the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Expropriations involve a duty of good faith and fairness to expropriated parties. We understand this duty. It informs our approach to takings, and to compensation claims by expropriated parties against an expropriating entity.

Shauna Finlay, Partner

Leaders in the expropriation community

We are leaders in expropriation law in Alberta. Our firm has worked on some of the most high-profile expropriation cases in Alberta. We have argued key cases that inform expropriation law in Alberta.

As a result of our track record and history, we are enmeshed in the expropriation community in Alberta. This includes involvement with the Alberta Expropriation Association. The AEA’s membership includes lawyers, appraisers and other experts interested in promoting public awareness of the principles relating to the expropriation of property rights and surface rights.