The latest on Bill 23: the Professional Governance Act


In late October, the Government of Alberta prorogued the legislative session which had begun in the spring.  

As we said in our blog post on the topic, this meant that all bills not passed in the legislature were effectively stalled, with no clear indication of what the future would hold. This included Bill 23, the Professional Governance Act.

Last week, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith issued mandate letters to all cabinet ministers. These letters “outline the objectives and priorities of the work ministers will focus on in their roles.”

In her letter to Kaycee Madu, Minister of Skilled Trades and Professions, Premier Smith stated (among other things) that she expected Minister Madu would deliver on the commitment to “[i]mplement the Professional Governance Act to ensure the adoption of a uniform governance framework for all professional regulatory organizations.”

While we do not know exactly when this project may resume, this is a strong indication the Professional Governance Act initiative will continue in some form.


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