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We recognize that every firm has a distinct personality, and it’s not always easy to tell the difference as a law student. Our people are our best ambassadors. If you see a Reynolds Mirth lawyer speak at an event, or if you have a Reynolds Mirth lawyer as a sessional instructor, we encourage you to talk to them.

Until then, read on to learn answers to some of our most asked questions.

What is it like working at Reynolds Mirth?

Collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of Reynolds Mirth. The firm is made up of lawyers and staff who are driven, caring, and committed to delivering excellent legal service to our clients.

Working here, your perspective will be appreciated. You’ll be surrounded by colleagues who care and actually want to help, and you will have significant control over how your practice grows and develops. Notably, this ethos can be seen in the way our junior lawyers are immediately “in the mix”, attending Court, client meetings and working through files in supportive teams with midlevel and senior lawyers.  Our teams have exceptional bench strength across several practice groups, and we provide high-calibre legal services to leading clients in the private and public sectors. The nature of our work means that we have fascinating (and high profile!) legal issues that our students and associates have the benefit of working on. Our students and associates have been to the Supreme Court of Canada and closed billion-dollar deals alongside our accomplished lawyers!

We’re conscientious, we enjoy our work and appreciate our colleagues, and we care about our community. You’ll find our lawyers pursuing a variety of interests, both within and outside of the law. Many of our lawyers are sessional instructors at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, some have authored books or texts, and a number sit on high-profile boards. Outside of the office, our lawyers have rich non-legal lives centred around family, hobbies and other interests. We have athletes, musicians, arts and theatre enthusiasts, runners, dog lovers and more.

What is the firm’s stance or action on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

At Reynolds Mirth, we are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. This commitment is reflected in a variety of formal and informal ways, from our equity, diversity and inclusion strategy and committee, to our long-standing day-to-day practices.

Our specific priorities related to equity, diversity and inclusion are the following:

  • We are focused on fostering a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion. This includes working to ensure that the lenses of equity, diversity and inclusion infuse internal decision-making at all levels. It also includes a commitment to reflect on areas in need of development and improvement, as well as a commitment to challenge the status quo internally and in the industries we service.
  • We are focused on action and outcomes. We encourage ourselves and our colleagues to communicate openly, iterate, adjust and improve.
  • We are committed to staying open to course correcting and adapting.

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What Our Current Students & Associates Say

Headshot of Justine Fay
Headshot of Maddison Croden

“I chose Reynolds Mirth for the opportunities to learn from accomplished, intelligent lawyers.”

– Justine Fay, Student-At-Law

I chose Reynolds Mirth because the firm is a team of kind, compassionate, and intelligent lawyers dedicated to doing their best for each other and their clients!

– Maddison Croden, Associate

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