We focus on nimble, timely advice, providing meaningful counsel when you need it most.

Many factors can contribute to an organization becoming insolvent. It may be the result of an economic ebb or a business risk that took an unforeseen turn. No matter the reason, each affected party must be diligent in assessing its risks, understanding its options and protecting its interests.

Advice with Experience

Reynolds Mirth has handled some of Alberta’s largest insolvencies. Members of our team are recognized as leaders. They have successfully appeared at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our experience includes a range of industries, from the oil & gas sector, to agriculture to manufacturing, to the public sector including governments and municipalities. We provide skillful, strategic advice and understand the positions and perspectives of creditors, trustees, and insolvent organizations.

We routinely deal with all aspects of bankruptcies and receiverships including:

  • the appointment of a receiver or receiver/manager
  • assignment into bankruptcy
  • petitions
  • vetting of security
  • preparation of all necessary documents

“Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings involve real time litigation. Clients rely on us to be ready to go at any time with practical advice that makes good commercial sense.”

Shauna Finlay, Partner