Admin Law Webinar Series: Part 3


Emerging Issues for Administrative Decision-Makers: How the Supreme Court’s Recent Decisions on Standard of Review Will Affect You
With Julie Gagnon and Heidi Besuijen

This is Part 3 of RMRF’s Administrative Law Webinar Series

Original Broadcast: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

On December 19, 2020 the Supreme Court of Canada released a much anticipated set of decisions that significantly change the legal test for standard of review. The standard of review is the level of deference that an appeal body must give to the decision made by the panel or tribunal below.

Although this may sound like legalese, this decision will have a real and practical impact on how tribunal members must approach their work. This webinar will give you a practical breakdown of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decisions, and offer tips on how to approach your work in light of the new guidance from the Supreme Court.

For beginners, we suggest completing the first webinar in this series, So You’ve Just Been Appointed to a Hearing Tribunal… prior to participating in this webinar. You may also wish to consider Understanding Your Power: Interpreting Legislation for Administrative Decision-Makers.

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