Admin Law Webinar Series: Part 2


Understanding Your Power: Interpreting Legislation for Administrative Decision-Makers
With Carol Zukiwski and Maya Gordon

This is Part 2 of RMRF’s Administrative Law Webinar Series

Original Broadcast: Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Administrative tribunals are created by laws. How a tribunal operates, as well as the powers it has, is dependent on the piece of legislation that created it. This session will give you practical tools and advice about how to approach your tribunal’s enabling legislation. By understanding your power, you will be best positioned to discharge your duties in a way that is legally sound.

This beginner to intermediate-level webinar is suited for newly-appointed tribunal members or those in need of a refresher. For beginners, we suggest completing the first webinar in this series, So You’ve Just Been Appointed to a Hearing Tribunal… prior to participating in this webinar.

Cost: $100

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