Practicing at Reynolds Mirth

Two differentiating qualities at Reynolds Mirth are our focus on particular areas of law and our unique team-based approach which ensures excellence in these areas.

To maintain our standards of excellence, our lawyers are divided into four teams whose practice areas include one or more of our related areas of focus. The teams communicate continuously to ensure that all members have access to the combined skillset of the team. Clients are also treated as clients of the firm rather than clients of a particular lawyer.

Our team-based approach and our structure as a medium-sized firm focusing on niche areas bring us great pride. We believe these tactics enable us to provide services of high quality not only to our local clients in Edmonton but also to clients who operate nationally and internationally. We also believe it lays the groundwork for long relationships with our clients. Many of them, whether they are individual, municipal or corporate, have had their legal work done by Reynolds Mirth for decades.

If this is an approach to law that appeals to you, please contact our Managing Partner to express your interest in pursuing a career at Reynolds Mirth:

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