COVID-19 and Employers


The COVID-19 pandemic has raised a number of questions. As an employer, you may be wondering:

  • What are your obligations and responsibilities to employees?
  • What are the risks and obligations of an employer related to a self-imposed or employer-mandated quarantine?
  • What happens if there is a government-issued quarantine?
  • How should you approach these issues in a unionized or non-unionized environment?

There are also many other workplace implications. The COVID-19 issue touches on matters related to Occupational Health & Safety, Employment Standards, Human Rights, and of course Public Health.

In working with clients, we are recommending that the first place to start is with your organization’s existing policies respecting sick time and leaves of absence. While many of these policies may not have been designed with a situation such COVID-19 in mind, understanding your existing framework will help you make better decisions.

If you have a question about COVID-19 and how it might affect your organization, we invite you to reach out to our key contacts below or any member of our Labour & Employment Team.


Matthew Woodley, Partner

Albert Lavergne, Partner

Anthony Purgas, Partner


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